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Student-centric decisions made easy.

Our Mission:

Improve Education.

Total Student is an all-in-one extracurricular management platform for high schools. Allow your students to see all involvement opportunities at their fingertips. High schools have access to a full dashboard of information to help administrators make student-centric decisions. Want to learn how we can help improve and accurately track your school's involvement? Contact us today!


Recent News:


What we do.

Total Student verifies the participation of high school students in extracurricular activities and eliminates the potential for misinformation or fraud. The software provides high performing students with a competitive edge by delivering verified extracurricular transcripts for use when applying to colleges and/or employers.


Our Impact

Total Student is working to become a national standard within the high school education system. Our platform focuses on all extracurricular aspects of high school organizations, delivering value to each school and student.



Expert Interviews

We have interviewed teachers, administrators, advisors, business leaders, etc… to create our solution.



Students Surveyed

We asked the individuals that mean the most, the ones who will be impacted directly, our future world leaders, high school students.



High Schools To Reach

According to the US Department of Education there are roughly 26,407 public secondary schools and 10,693 private secondary schools. Our goal, to be used in all 37,100 to make an impact on our educational system.


Our Platform

Administrative Dashboard

See all the statistics for your school on a customized dashboard for your school.

Student Dashboard

Students can view their personal progress and statistics on their very own dashboard.


Send announcements to all of your students with a click of a button. You can also send announcements to specific groups of students.


Students can compete on our leaderboard integrated into our software. See which students have the most points!

Verified Check-Ins

We use a verified check-in process to accurately track your students’ involvement.


No more logging volunteer hours on paper, tracking down contact information, and verifying student hours. Our system does all of the heavy lifting and ensures student volunteer hours are tracked accurately.

Event Calendar

All of your schools events will be shown on our event calendar. Already use a calendar system? Great, you can integrate your current system to our platform!

Extracurricular Transcript

Students will be prepared to apply for colleges and jobs with a verified extracurricular transcript. Students will no longer have to try to remember all of the activities and volunteer hours completed over their high school career. Our platform will generate a transcript for each student so they can show off who they are as a TOTAL STUDENT.


Software Screenshots

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Get Involved

You can make an impact by telling your local high school about our solution. This will help us reach all 37,100 high schools in the United Sates. Yeah… that is bold, but anything is possible with your help.

Chat with One of the Founders

Have suggestions, advice, or want to help us achieve our mission? Click below to schedule a time to talk with one of our co-founders.

Sponsor a School

Want to personally sponsor an entire school for the 2019-2020 school year? Reach out to us, let us know what school, and we will work together to make it happen!